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William W1920

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This spirit is produced with selected and first-quality Valais William pears, collected in the summer. From the alcoholic fermentation we obtain a very intensive aromatic must, which is straight led to the distillation stage. The rich fragrant complexity is enhanced by a slow and meticulous steam distillation. The result is a Distillate with a persuasive and flavour bouquet, that evokes the just picked fruit. On the palate it reveals an intensive and floral hint. It distinguishes itself for its elegance and finesse. A pleasant sweet hint matches with its long persistence. It enhances its features if served at a temperature of 6-8 °C in a little ice-cold tulip-shaped glass. It blends well with a fruit salad.

46 % Vol.

Product variants
5 cl, 20 cl, 50 cl, 70 cl

Serving temperature
6-8° C

Grandezza: 20 cl

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