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  • Nocino 1920
    Nocino W1920

    CompositionThis liqueur is made from unripe green walnuts, gathered in...

    11.60 CHF
  • Nostrana 1920
    Nostrana W1920

    CompositionGrappa Nostrana embodies two characteristics that make it so...

    8.25 CHF
  • Grappa 1920
    Grappa W1920

    CompositionThe Concord grape, nowadays less widespread than once, is...

    11.20 CHF
  • Limoncino 1920
    Limoncino W1920

    CompositionIt is produced according to the traditional recipe, where the...

    7.70 CHF
  • Grappa Ticinese 1920
    Grappa Ticinese W1920

    CompositionThe pomace are derived from the Merlot grape grown in Ticino....

    20.00 CHF
  • Albicocca 1920
    Albicocca W1920

    CompositionThe apricot Distillate has one of the most extraordinary...

    12.00 CHF
  • William 1920
    William W1920

    CompositionThis spirit is produced with selected and first-quality...

    11.60 CHF
  • Nocino & Limoncino - Cartone Premium
    Nocino & Limoncino W1920 (Premium Carton)

    Nocino W1920 Composition This liqueur is made from unripe green walnuts,...

    21.25 CHF
  • Limoncello
    Limoncello W1920

    CompositionIt is a lemon liqueur to which we wanted to add a touch of...

    19.95 CHF
  • Kirsch 1920
    Kirsch W1920

    CompositionThe juicy Swiss cherries, from the cantons of Schwyz and Zug,...

    10.90 CHF




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